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Homihelp is an ecosystem of softwares, desktop apps, dapps and other daily utility online services in which HOMI Token is used as a payment method. Homihelp aims to make cryptocurrency more accessible through Homihelp marketplace which will connect every software and other service with users who wants to pay in cryptocurrency.

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Homihelp is an ecosystem of softwares, desktop apps, dapps and other daily utility online services in which HOMI Token is used as a payment method. Homihelp aims to make cryptocurrency more accessible through Homihelp marketplace which will connect every software and other service with users who wants to pay in cryptocurrency. HOMI Token can be used to make payment for daily need softwares and services which are developed by Homihelp team and some 3rd party softwares (or their subscription) can be paid through HOMI Token which are added in HOMIHELP ecosystem. Homihelp claims to have a team of professionals with experience in blockchain, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Homihelp already launched the beta of a Live Chat web-based software.

What is HOMI Token?

HOMI Token is the utility token used in Homihelp ecosystem. It has a range of purposes, including paying for buying Homihelp Premium Subscription Plans and Booster top-ups, Participating in Holding program and affiliate (Partner) Program Reward. HOMI can be purchased on exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap i.e. CREX24, ALTILLY, ETHERFLYER.
On 12 Apr 2020, HomiHelp verified and released its smart contract on the Ethereum blockChain as an ERC20 token. Businesses/Clients have reportedly been using 'HOMI TOKENS' as Homi Services for Business Subscriptions. Corporate Clients can buy services with HOMI TOKENS Only.
HomiHelp Platform aims to make cryptocurrency more accessible and implement decentralized features in software one by one so that users can easily understand the decentralized apps by using business tools.

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Distribution of Tokens

30% - (3,00,00,000) Circulation Supply 20% - (2,00,00,000) Development and Marketing 15% - (1,50,00,000) Founder Tokens 5% - (50,00,000) Future Investors 30% - (3,00,00,000) Rewards / Incentives

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Frequently Asked Question

What is maximum supply of your token?

100,000,000 HOMI

Do you offer free plan?

Yes we do offer one free plan, which is free for lifetime. Also, in this plan you can earn HOMI Token every month. Just install widget and start earning.

What reward programs are available?

The reward programs detail is given below :-


1. Sign up reward (For business websites or blogs)

This reward is available to anyone who will subscribe/sign-up for live chat widget software for their website or blog. In this you can earn rewards monthly if you have installed Live chat widget on your website. After each month some HOMI Tokens will be added to your dashboard and these can be redeemed after 12 months, only if you use live chat for consecutive 12 months.

Different rewards are allocated for free and paid subscription plans. For free plan you can redeem after 12 months  and for paid you can use that reward after 12 months to pay for next years subscription. 

This means you can earn from your website now along with supporting and guiding your customers.


For details:- please refer to link ( ) or contact us on discord or telegram


2. Referral (affiliate) reward - coming soon


Anyone who signup as a user can participate in referal plan.

You can earn reward on refering any website or blog to sign up free/paid plan. 

After signup as a user you can generate referral code, which you have to or your referred business have to add during their business sign up.

On successful business sign up of your referred business you will receive reward of HOMI Token in your dashboard, which you can redeem after 12 months.

You will get reward for your refferal even if it is free sign up or paid sign up. Details coming soon


3. Holding reward - coming soon

Any supporter can get holding reward for HOMI Tokens they hold in their Ether address. To get reward you need to follow rules mentioned for Holding reward. Details coming Soon.


What is the primary use case of your token?

HOMI token is used to buy the subscription plans of Homihelp live chat, also HOMI token will be used in Holding plans to reward the holders and as a reward in affiliate program.

What is payment model for buying subscriptions?

Business website or blog owners can buy the live chat subscription by paying HOMI token, exact amount can be seen in pricing section and according to choosen plan. Although we do offer FREE plan also.

What is the business model of the Project?

Homihelp is a live chat customer support software through which a business can connect with their website visitors and convert them into customers through healthy engagement and support.

What is an agent?

Agents are the people who use Homihelp widget to chat with visitors on your website; they are on the front line helping customers and closing sales.

Homihelp has two permission levels for each agent in your account: Agent and Administrator. Administrators have access to all of your account settings, user profiles, and chat ratings. Agents have limited access and can only view their own chats and ratings.

Is your token a security token?

It is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit to buy services of software and reward traders. The token is not a digital currency, security or a commodity.

Who handles my chat? Does Homihelp answer chats for me?

We don’t answer chats for you. We provide software that makes it easy for you to answer chats! Once you install Homihelp on your site, its upto you how to staff your agents. The businesses that use Homihelp have many different approaches to staffing agents depending on their companies specific resources and goals. Some have a team with agents who just chat, others have multi-tasking agents who not only chat but also manage other aspects of the business, or help customers in-person.

What is the initial circulating supply of your token?

Circulation supply alloted by company is 30,000,000. For exact live and updated value please refer to coinmarketcap (CMC) homihelp listing.

Do I have to be online all the time?

Nope! Your staff can chat whenever it’s convenient. Although, customers appreciate having access to chat. When you are offline or not around , an offline form appears on your widget which collects message for you and converts it into ticket.

Lockups in place for any holders of the token?

Full detail of Address and lock up period. For more detail please refer to etherscan.

- Official Smart Contract Address: 0xca208bfd69ae6d2667f1fcbe681bae12767c0078

 - Official Smart Contract Owner Address: 0x95704c55839aa30c675d916f7093a1cbea7ef617 

- Official Address for Founder: 0x7424202086cb74e57726fd9dde18376238d749e Locked Period: 1 Year ( From: 14-04-2020 - To: 14-04-2021 )

 - Official Address for Development & Marketing: 0x878120078e2d1077E85520FB143d98ac47DBf51C Locked Period: 1 Year ( From: 04-05-2020 - To: 04-05-2021 )

 - Official Address for Investors: 0xb20985a0e9e51340bac35a69c8be04a43e824836 Locked Period: 1 Year ( From: 04-05-2020 - To: 04-05-2021 ) 

- Official Address for Rewards: 0x05A0965Cf5377Aa079a691b951eCa59cc0D060DD Locked Period: NA

Do I need a developer to install Homihelp or i can do it myself?

Probably not. If you have edit access to your website HTML, you can simply follow our HTML installation guide( ) to add the Homihelp code.

Once ready, Plugins and their installation guides will be provided soon If you’re using a popular CMS or eCommerce site like BigCommerce, or Wordpress. 

Even if you do need help from a developer, you won’t need much of their time. Installing Homihelp is a quick copy-and-paste task that should take less than five minutes.

When was the ICO or any type of fundraising?

No ICO was conducted for this project. It is self funded Project.

Who can i contact, if i have some technical issue?

You can contact Homihelp technical team by reaching technical section in Discord ( ).

Please provide a breakdown of the current token allocation.

Allocation of HOMI Token: 

%      HOMI TOKEN     WHERE 

30%    3,00,00,000      Circulation supply

30%    3,00,00,000      Rewards / Incentives 

20%    2,00,00,000      Development & Marketing 

5%      50,00,000          Future Investors 

15%    1,50,00,000      Founder

How do I view HOMI tokens in my wallet?

You can view HOMI token balance in your non-hosted Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens by watching the HOMI contract.

  • HOMI Smart Contract address: 0xca208bfd69ae6d2667f1fcbe681bae12767c0078
  • Number of Digits: 0
  • Symbol: HOMI

Which wallets can be used to store HOMI?

HOMI is an ERC20 token, and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets. We do not recommend a particular product, but some users report storing their HOMI using a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and MyEtherWallet.


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